2003 Seedlings

K E Y - Daylily Name, Bloom Size, Plant Habit, Scape Height, Description. Ez, eye-zone; Tet, Tetraploid; EE, Extra Early; E, Early; M, Midseason; MLa, Late Midseason; La, Late; Re, Reblooms; EV, Evergreen; Sev, Semi-Evergreen; D, Dormant; frag., Fragrant; ext., Extended, bloom last for more than 16hrs; noc., Nocturnal. S, Single Fan; F, Fall Tetraploid, Hybridizer, Year, Parentage

This is a list of the seedlings that I have. Hopefully the list will grow. If the seedling start with wags then I started it from seed. The first set of numbers, like 04, is the year the seeds was harvested.
To see a larger picture of the daylily click on the thumbnail picture. I don't have pictures for all of them yet.


Bloom:6" orange w/plum ez & edge  Scape:42"   TET    Two Part Harmony x Creative Edge


DIP  01-06 (Scatterbrain x RachaeL My Love) xBig Kiss

Bloom:5.5 red w/dark red ez and edge yellow thr  Scape:33  DIP    Big Kiss x 01-06 (Scatterbrain x RachaeL My Love)


DIP    Big Kiss x 01-06 (Scatterbrain x RachaeL My Love)


Bloom:5.75"  peach w/raspberry ez yellow to green thr  Scape:29"  DIP   Big Kiss x 01-06 (Scatterbrain x RachaeL My Love)2 fans the first year


Big Kiss x 01-06 (Scatterbrain x RachaeL My Love)


Bloom:6.5 orange w/darker veining yellow to green thr  Scape:29"  DIP    Ideal Affair x Siloam Ruby Christie


DIP   Ideal Affair x Siloam Ruby Christie


Bloom:5.5" Tangerine yellow ez/thr  Scape:12"    DIP    Ideal Affair x Siloam Ruby Christie


Bloom:4:  red w/white mid rib & yellow to green thr      Scape:21"       DIP    Rachael My Love x Fin and Feather


Bloom:3" purple red  w/dark red ez green thr  Scape:23"    DIP     Maria's Sunshine x You Angel You
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